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Tel: +421 2 5920 7011

Railway transport

  • Providing railroad transport within Europe in block trains, groups of wagons and single wagons and that on the basis of regularly signed contracts with national and private traders

  • Transport from/to the former CIS states with the goods transshipment in the border crossing station (PPS) Čierna nad Tisou and PPS Čop

  • Transport of rail vehicles on their own wheels with the possibility of bogie change tying and following transport via gauge to/from the former CIS states

  • Transport of hazardous goods via railroad (RID)

  • Transport of container consignment via railroad to the former CIS states

  • Providing the rent of railroad wagons for special purposes, by Catalog of freight wagons

  • Free calculation of railroad transportation expenses via ŽSR, ČD and foreign railroads following the principle of convenience and lowest expenses

  • Logistics and guidance considering valid railroad regulations, monitoring goods motion on the railroad according to the customer’s wishes

  • Transport through Bratislava, Komárno and European ports (transshipment wagon/ship, lorry/ship and vice versa) with the possibility of goods storage

  • Other supplementary services related to these