ŠPEDSERVIS, s.r.o. , Pri Suchom mlyne 21, SK-811 04 Bratislava

Tel: +421 2 5920 7011


Slovak prosperous enterprise!
Of the 224 000 rated entities doing business in Slovakia the demanding criteria of evaluation meet only 1.2% of enterprises. We are proud that the company ŠPEDSERVIS, Ltd. owns “signet Bonita 2013” and this way belongs among Slovak creditworthy businesses. You can always check the information on the web site SIMS after entering the identification number of our company (http://www.sims.sk/slovenske-bonitne-podniky/) or look ath the Slovak economic newspaper (HN dated 10.12.2014).

Pečať bonity

The evaluation model focused on the creditworthiness of commercial entities operating in the territory of the Slovak Republic have developed Slovak Information and Marketing Company, Inc. and National Information Centre of the Slovak Republic, Joint Stock.

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